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List of facilities

Coupons available.
One piece of morning baked bread as a free gift
* with lunch menu order.

Restaurant・Accommodations(Lodging facility)
Restaurants and Accommodations Auberge on the Hill Heart 'n' tree
Garden lunch:¥2,310
Milk chicken curry:¥1,760
Handmade pizza(Basil):¥1,760

「Dairy farmer's support group」Heart 'n' tree.
We use a lot of Tsurui milk in our dishes.
This menu allows you to experience the deliciousness of milk and vegetables.
Cottages and guesthouses are available for overnight stays.
The sunrise over the hills and the sunset over Mt.Akan.
Travel like you are living on the Hill!
Breakfast with freshly baked bread and course dinner included.

Coupons available.
For guests staying at the Tsurui Village Hot Spring A bag of onsen no moto (hot spring water) will be presented. "Bijin-no-yu(Hot water of beauty)"

Dining, Experience, Lodging Facilities
Electric bicycle experience Tour:¥4,000~
Red-crowned Crane Photography Guide:¥28,000~
Unexplored Cape "Kirakotan" Experience Guide:¥6,800~
Day trip bathing:Adults ¥600 / Junior high school students ¥500 / Elementary school students ¥400 / Less than elementary school students ¥100
Cutlet meat:¥1,050

【Experience Facilities】
Cycling to feel the wind of the great nature in Tsurui Village!!
Various bicycle rentals, "Cycle Guide Experience Tour" guided by a certified cycling instructor.
You too can become a part of nature and enjoy Tsurui Village!

Calm hotel with a Scandinavian theme.
The hot spring is a strong alkaline spring with a reputation for having "onsen power" from its own source.
The owner is a professional nature photographer! Ask him about nature, especially about cranes!
Red-crowned crane curry:¥1,390
Wasabi ramen:¥980
Herb tea:¥580

Farm in Tsurui

The inn is limited to one couple per day.
Fully equipped with tableware and cooking utensils.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact.
Phone Number of Doremifasora:0154-64-3987
At your ease.
Food and Beverage Facilities
café home
Characteristic beef stew with beef tongue:¥1,400
Loco moco with homemade hamburger steak:¥1,200
French toast:¥600

Each seat has wifi and power supply.
Use it to work or read!
Food menu is limited in quantity.
Sightseeing and sales facilities
Tsurui red-crowned crane plaza Tsurubo-no-Ie
Gyucci 3pcs.:¥1,350
Sweet Water Farm tomato juice 1000ml:¥1,560
Tsurubo blend 100g(Tachibana Coffee Shop):¥900

Tsurubo-no-Ie offers a wide variety of Tsurubo-no-Ie products, including local specialties of Tsurui Village, as well as items available only here, obtained through unique connections.
We believe that each of these items enriches the daily lives of our customers.
We would be happy if we could make you feel happy with the products of Tsurubo-no-Ie.