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List of facilities

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One free cup of coffee or iced coffee for purchases over 500 yen.

Food & Beverage Facilities
Pan de Pan
Dainagon beans half:¥500
Oakan cream puff / Meakan cream puff:¥260

Our restaurant is surrounded by the rich nature of Lake Akan.
We bake bread using good air and good water.
Food, Beverage and Sales Facilities.
Roadside Station, Akan Tancho no Sato CRANE's Terrace
Akan Ezoshika burger:¥550
Paprika soft serve ice cream:¥400

In summer, park golf, playground equipment, camping, and grilled meat are available. In winter, you can see tancho cranes flying gracefully in the sky.
This is a roadside station that can be enjoyed throughout the year.
Bathing and Resting Facilities,
Roadside Station, Akan Tancho no Sato, Akai Beret, a hot spring for beautiful skin.
Day trip bathing:Adults ¥540 / Junior high and high school students ¥410 / Child ¥130

The natural hot spring in the red beret is well known as a beautiful skin moisturizing hot spring with "metasilicic acid," ( a natural moisturizing ingredient ), and "hydrogen carbonate ions," which are effective in "inhibiting the action of active oxygen," the source of aging.
Food and Beverage Facilities.
Roadside Station, Akan Tancho no Sato, Akai Beret Restaurant Tsuru
Zangi set meal (10 zangi):¥1,270
Spaghetti with cutlet :¥1,100
Akan Pork Chop:¥1,680

In addition to the seafood landed at Kushiro Port, this land of active dairy farming and agriculture is a treasure trove of seasonal ingredients.
Enjoy the local delicacies such as Akan Momiji, Akan Pork, Akan Black Wagyu Beef, Akan Malt Beef and more.
Food and beverage facilities,
Hokkaido Roast Beef Baguette Sandwich:Eat in ¥990 / Take out ¥972
Hokkaido milk soft serve ice cream (cone or cup):Eat in ¥440 / Take out ¥432

Please feel free to stop by when you need to fill your stomach or take a breather during your travels.
In the evening, a bar menu including pizza, pasta, etc., as well as wine and beer are served, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself.